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Here at Zolotek we build and support small eCommerce and community sites that work for you

We support the sites we build according to the kind of support you might want and are able to host sites with flexible arrangements. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

All our new sites are built with the modern Dancer framework, while we support older sites built in the mature Interchange5 framework. Some examples: is an example of a dropshipping site using 3 different suppliers in 2 countries and 2 currencies, with custom routines to calculate delivery charges and target currency amounts depending on the buyer's location.

It also has customised menu and navigation systems to generate pages and handle the variety of products.

Payment is either HSBC or Paypal, in six currencies, and the mobile version of the site uses the same database, ordering system and content as the desktop version.

This is built in the mature Interchange5 framework and runs on Apache. uses the same database as above, but the site is completely rebuilt in the modern Dancer framework with the new Interchange6 plugin. This takes advantage of a modern, extensive and vibrant ecosystem which has enormous resources of applications and plugin modules to extend a site's functionality in any direction you might want to go. This particular site has just been built and has a number of functions listed to be plugged in very soon.

Running with Dancer and Interchange6, and being served up impressively quickly and robustly by Starman and nginx.

For fundraising this charity site sells tickets online with the tickets being downloadable, numbered and imprinted with a barcode. It also runs a ticket control system, which removes tickets from availability temporarily while a purchase is being completed, and then if the purchase is abandoned those tickets are released back into the pool and marked as avilable for purchase again. A similar "inventory control" can be used on any items that are in short stock. SMS alerts are also sent to other ticket sellers on successful purchase. All custom work done within the Interchange engine.


This Church community site is built in Dancer — they have an events calendar in MySQL with an RSS/atom feed straight from the calendar, an interactive journey planner for public transport and Google maps for driving directions. They also have email forms with interactive validation for joining their mailing list, and user access to edit or delete their own email data.

They have a full admin panel allowing them to update all pages and the calendar database, and administer the mailing list and send emails to the list directly from the site.

Running with Dancer on nginx.